Landscaping Services for Strata Corporations

thumb_strata1 We know exactly what is required to get the most out of your strata property’s maintenance budget. The simple solution is trust, communication and hard work. The Strata Council and Strata Manager must be able to trust the professionals who will work hard to unlock the potential of your biggest investment, your home. Great Canadian Landscaping is that company.Communication is the key and we know that with a clear understanding early on with a Strata Corporation, that a well planned landscaping project or well executed maintenance program will add substantial value to your home and everyday life.

We also bring to the table the expertise required to understand the various stakeholders involved in a Strata Corporation and we understand that sometimes you need someone in your corner when it is time to navigate through the different warranty phases or the turn over from developer to the owner’s Strata Council.

Our commitment to the owners of the Strata Corporation is to maximize the exterior grounds and gardens of your property to its highest potential based on the budget set. We know how much you should be investing in your grounds and have the ability to provide Long Term Capital Planning for contingency purposes, so that owners are not surprised with any unexpected special assessments.

thumb_strata2 The end result is always Complete Customer Satisfaction.Click here for more information on our Services

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